About Me

meMy name is Gary Newell and I am from Hampshire, England originally but I now live in Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

Prior to starting this blog I was the soul author on the blog “Everyday Linux User” (www.everydaylinuxuser.com).



Everyday Linux User was set up as a place for me, as a regular average guy who happens to use Linux as opposed to Windows, to try out all the different Linux distributions.

The Everyday Linux User site was also a place where I could put down in written form how I had achieved various things such as connecting to the Raspberry PI using the Google Nexus.

The time has come to close down the Everyday Linux User blog because I no longer want to hop between multiple Linux distributions.

In the past few years I have tried dozens of distributions and no matter how many I try I always end up getting wowed by Ubuntu when a new version comes out.

This blog will therefore continue in a similar vain to Everyday Linux User but it is solely about one Linux distribution, Ubuntu.

This blog will have reviews whenever a new version of Ubuntu comes out and will list the new features within Ubuntu.

“My Ubuntu Blog” will also contain reviews of software within the Ubuntu repositories and how to guides showing how to perform tasks as and when I come across them.

I will also spend time commenting on the news about Ubuntu that arises from time to time in the press.

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