Installing Chrome on Ubuntu 13.04

This is going to be a fairly short and simple tutorial showing how to install Google’s Chrome Browser on Ubuntu 13.04.

Now following on from my last article which showed how to install applications via the Ubuntu Software Centre you would think installing Google Chrome would be a simple case of going to the Ubuntu Software Centre and typing “Chrome” into the search box. It seems like a sensible suggestion but you would be wrong.


The image to the left shows the list of applications returned when you search for Chrome within the Ubuntu Software Centre.

There is no sign of Google’s Chrome Browser anywhere.





Chromium Browser

Now the best option is actually to install the Chromium browser which is the same as Google’s Chrome browser but without the branding.

Simply search for Chromium within the Ubuntu Software Centre and an option will appear called “Chromium Web Browser”.

If you click on “Chromium Web Browser” and click “Install” then essentially you have Chrome.

This article however shows you how to install Chrome and not Chromium.

Now there are other articles out there that talk about the need to install a package called “libudev0″.¬†I can confirm that I have downloaded and installed Chrome on a 64 bit version of Ubuntu without having to install this package.


Install Chrome in Ubuntu


Install Chrome on Ubuntu

All I did to install Chrome was to open FireFox (Click the Firefox icon on the launcher or click the super key and start typing “firefox”) and typed “” into the address bar.

In the top right corner is an option to “Install Chrome”. Upon clicking install you are told about all the good things that Google’s Chrome browser gives you. You then have to click install again.


Install Chrome On Ubuntu

When you click this option you are provided with another screen which gives you 4 options:

  • Ubuntu/Debian 32-bit
  • Ubuntu/Debian 64-bit
  • Fedora 32-bit
  • Fedora 64-bit

If you are running on a 32-bit machine choose Ubuntu 32-bit and if you are running on a 64-bit machine choose Ubuntu 64-bit.

You will now be shown a box which asks whether you want to download or open the Chrome “.deb” file. I chose to download the file.

When the file is downloaded navigate to the downloaded file. (Open the dash by clicking the super key and you will see the downloaded file named something like “google-chrome-current-amd64.deb”.

The Ubuntu Software Centre will now open and you can install Chrome in the same way you would any other application simply by pressing “Install”.

Once Chrome has been installed you can add it to the launcher by opening the dash and typing “Chrome” in the search bar. (By the time you have entered “CH” the familiar icon will appear). Now drag the icon to the launch bar.


Install Chrome On Ubuntu


Install Chrome On Ubuntu

As I said at the beginning there isn’t much to it but installing Chrome is one example of how to install applications that do not reside in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Thankyou for reading



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    Nice article. Installed Chrome in simple steps.

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