My Ubuntu Week – Week ending 10th August 2013

Ubuntu Edge reaches $9.5 million.

ubuntuedgeThe Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo fundraiser has reached $9.5 million. The target to be raised to get the Ubuntu Edge into production is $32 million. There are 11 days left.

If my maths serve me correctly the target now is just over $2 million a day. At the moment it doesn’t appear that the target will be reached as only $2 million was raised in the past week.

The price point of the Ubuntu Edge has changed a number of times to try and increase the uptake but I think that it isn’t so much a lack of interest as a lack of financial viability by most people.

Not enough people have the desire and the cash to buy a phone a year in advance.

All may not be lost however as  released a story called “Can Bloomberg Save The Ubuntu Edge“.

However, potential investor interest has practically disappeared and Ubuntu’s goal has moved further and further away.  That is, until Bloomberg.  Yesterday, Bloomberg became the first corporate backer of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone.  At $80k, it doesn’t even make a dent in the remaining distance the campaign has to cover, but what it does do is bring the project to a bigger, wealthier audience.  Wall Street.  But can Bloomberg save the Ubuntu Edge?

Should Mark Shuttleworth sell the Ubuntu Company?

An article from The Var Guy asked whether it was time for Mark Shuttleworth to sell Ubuntu. The article looks at another company that produces operating systems struggling to cross the divide from the desktop operating system to the smart phone. The company is question is Microsoft.

The Var Guy says that Microsoft has far deeper pockets than Mark Shuttleworth and questions whether $32 million would be enough to bring the Ubuntu Edge to market and to make it a success.

The article goes on to ask whether Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical have the heart and fight to continue pouring money into the Ubuntu venture even if their pockets are deep enough.

The VAR Guy suspects it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to make Edge a success. Shuttleworth is rich but does he want to keep opening his own wallet even wider? Or is it time for Canonical to find a new owner? Hmmm…

The rationale for selling looks back at the time Steve Jobs sold a stake in Apple to Microsoft and then went on to turn Apple into the success it is today.

Is The VAR Guy crazy? Before you answer consider this reality: During Steve Jobs’ most desperate hour at Apple, he welcomed a $150 million investment from Microsoft.

The question is “Why is Mark Shuttleworth funding the Ubuntu project?”. He is no mug, he has made a fortune for himself and therefore he must see something in Ubuntu that will make him a lot of money somewhere down the road. I don’t think the Indiegogo campaign was a mistake, I think it was part of a larger strategy, win or lose.

So is Mark Shuttleworth a future genius who will be credited for something massive or is he a gambler who doesn’t know when to cut his losses?

The Ubuntu App Showdown Challenge

And finally….

Linux User and Developer magazine announced the Ubuntu App Showdown which this year puts the emphasis on creating apps for Ubuntu Touch.

Canonical are really pushing to further promote Ubuntu Touch, with the crowd funding campaign getting consistent updates, and now the announcement that this years App Showdown will be focused on developing mobile apps with the new Ubuntu SDK.

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